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Imagine sitting in the back of a white van together with your punk rock band, traveling across Europe to your next concert destination: the warm summery air finding its way into the backseat space, the road scrolling fast through the window, heavy electronic tracks blasted through the speakers and the feeling that tomorrow will never be the same as today. These are the scenes that inspired Swiss Mexican drummer Giacomo Bastianelli to blend analog sounds with electronic experimentation, ultimately creating Tam Bor, his first solo project.

Tam Bor is the result of Giacomo’s love for live performances with alternative rock bands –the Swiss Canadian duo Peter Kernel being an emblematic example – and his obsession with electronic music production. Giacomo’s musical influences are primarily rooted in hip hop and electronic productions such as N.E.R.D and Timbaland, as well as the new wave of young Soundcloud producers. While his love for these artists is clearly reflected in his music, his drumming style is heavily influenced by the raw and energetic quality of the indie rock scene, resulting in a sound that is both genre-bending and instantly recognizable. Starting as a drummer, Giacomo brings a unique rhythmic element to his productions: the drums are not only the backbone of his songs, but they also inform their sonic structure and melodies.

During live shows, Giacomo's performance takes center stage as he overlays live drumming on top of electronic sounds, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. This approach allows him to bridge the gap between electronic music production and live instrumentation, further showcasing his abilities as a hybrid artist.

As an all-around creative designer who graduated from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, Giacomo has a comprehensive look and agency on the Tam Bor project, overseeing everything from music production to visuals. His keen eye for aesthetics and design is unmistakably reflected in the visual communication and identity of the whole project.

Tam Bor's debut EP Standby sprouted from a unique creative moment for the artist and encloses many of his passions in a coherent and representative production. Since the release, Tam Bor has collaborated with several musicians and producers while also crafting soundtracks for films and commercial productions.